Programmer, Designer

Sepia is an idle game, developed in Unity with a colleague at the University of Suffolk as a method of investigating the idle / incremental genre. The first version was developed with a student over the course of a summer. When I joined the project, I took on responsibility for all programming and re-wrote the majority of systems from scratch. The game is designed to leverage a number of psychological hooks that would be suitable for monetisation. It features small procedural systems to generate planet names and randomise space backgrounds, driven by developed art assets.

Gameplay image of Sepia

Hidden: Source

Programmer, Designer, Project Lead

Hidden: Source is an award winning total modification for Half-Life 2. It is an asymmetrical multiplayer game that supports between 2 and 9 players. Development started in 2002 during the teams second year at the University of Lincoln. it was a finalist for the 2006 IGF Mod Awards and it won several Mod of the Year awards from moddb. Written in C++, it reached close to 50,000 lines of code before the final updates were released. It continues to be played by a small but dedicated player base.